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PHI KAPPA - 1889

In the late 1880's, a group of catholic students at Brown University, in Rhode Island, organized themselves as a social fraternity, based on the fellowship of faith. Their first name was Phi Kappa Sigma, taking the Greek equivalent of “Fraternity of Catholic Students” (the Sigma was subsequently dropped). With the help of local alumni, businessmen, and a receptive college administration, the group thrived.


Before 1915, there was the Newman Club for Catholic students at Lehigh University. Several of its members, in the search for a way to provide continuity to the Newman Club, came upon the idea of a social fraternity. What linked these enthusiasts together, was the belief that religious and scholarly ideals could be fostered in a homelike environment. Eventually, these students decided that they wanted to live together as a fraternity. On October 1, 1919 the Lehigh group founded Theta Kappa Phi, standing for 'The Catholic Fraternity'.


After realizing the two fraternities had such similar values, they decided to merge. The two fraternities had 63 chapters between them, when they joined forces to form Phi Kappa Theta on April 29, 1959, which was the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the original Phi Kappa Fraternity.

The crests of Phi Kappa (left) and Theta Kappa Phi (right) merge

Only at the Beta Gamma chapter of Phi Kappa Theta, we are known as Phi Who.

Our signature insignia is the Playboy Bunny.


The Beta Gamma Chapter of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity aims to encourage its members to attain high scholastic standing; to make available to its members the example, environment, and training, that best characterize the college man; to connect student and alumni more closely with their college; to foster a vigorous spirit of loyalty to the alma mater; and to promote the social and intellectual spheres, the best traditions of the college.

Our motto is "Give, Expecting Nothing Thereof." We believe this embodies a true Phi Kappa Theta brother--to put others first and be a true gentleman.

Alumni Executive Board


Pawel Chrzanowski


Vice President

Greg Demitrack



Matt Hershman



Matt Rappaport


Fundraising Chair

Bill Gates


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